Overcoming Gender Bias in Career Opportunities
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This activity is for

  • Job seekers
  • HR staff

After going through this activity, you are expected to:

  • Be better aware of gender inequality in the labour market in European countries
  • Reflect on gender stereotypes

For each question, you have to choose the correct answer.

1. Approximately 70% of the world's men are in the labour force. What do you think is the percentage of women in the labour force?

2. In developed countries, men spend about 1.5 hours a day on unpaid work. How much do you think women spend on unpaid work?

3. “Informal work" is the labour activity of those who work and earn income outside the tax control of the state and the legal provisions on labour matters. What percentage of this group, worldwide, do you think are women?

4. What percentage of the world's population that is over retirement age and not receiving any kind of regular pension do you think is made up of women?

5. Given the global wage gap, if a man earns 100 euros a day, how much would a woman earn on average?

6. Which of these terms defines women’s difficulties in obtaining senior management positions?

7. Which is the country with the lowest wage gap in Europe?

8. What is the sector in which most women work in the world?

9. Girls perceive themselves as less intelligent than boys.

10. What is women's empowerment?

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