Overcoming Gender Bias in Career Opportunities
The project


DomSpain (DS Formacio) is a Training and Consulting Company active on a national and international level. It offers a variety of services to the public and private sectors of Spain and actively participates in international schemes.

The Training department of DomSpain develops educational programmes in four main directions:

  • courses for adult learners, including foreign languages, ICT, cookery, dance and personal growth classes
  • VET: ICT, foreign languages, employability, work-based learning
  • trainings for educators: improving foreign language competences, use of digital tools and new teaching methods
  • extracurricular activities for school children and parents, including foreign languages, coding, and internet safety

The company provides both face-to-face and online classes.

The courses and trainings are implemented in our own premises as well as at 6 community centres and 5 schools of the Tarragona province. We employ more than 40 educators and count with around 1400 students each academic year.
DomSpain has a highly qualified IT team that has implemented various national and international projects involving development of educational platforms.

It also focusses on strengthening the capacity of small-sized enterprises and organisations, as well as working on social issues, involving in our activities all community members, including employers and governmental officials at all levels.

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