Overcoming Gender Bias in Career Opportunities
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2020 – 1 – PT01 – KA204 – 078826

Thinking of implementing more equitable recruitment practices in your company or preparing a gender neutral CV?

O’BIAS platform contains free educational resources, which help you to be better prepared to face challenges related to diversity and gender representation.

  • If you are an HR manager, the materials developed by the project team will help you to spot gender bias in job descriptions and make a conscious decision in hiring processes.
  • If you are a job seeker, you will find here the tools that can be used to reduce gender bias in your CV.
  • For educators, we have training packages to make your learners able to tackle gender stereotypes and have a better to career and personal development opportunities.


Want to know more about our project and its results, have an access to practical and ready to use multilingual resources?
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Are you looking for guidelines on how to reduce gender bias in communication processes or tools to assess the degree of gender bias in job adverts and CVs?

Do you need learning resources and activities to raise awareness about this issue and promote gender equality in job access?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, the online OBIAS LAB is for you!!!

Here you can find:

  • Guides for the Identification and Mitigation of Gender Biases Practices
    For job applicants and recruiting professionals
    Country report
  • Lab for Gender Bias Awareness and Assessment
    For recruiting professionals and managers
    Go To Lab
  • Toolkit and Training Packages
    For job seekers and employers
    Go to Toolkit


Our Partners

Would you like to meet the whole team? These are the O’BIAS partners:


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